Wednesday, September 4, 2013

August has come and gone...

WOW! This summer flew by! Olivia started her first day of Pre-School yesterday and she did great!
I am so proud of her (and me)! This year she is doing car-line which is a pretty big deal. Mommy doesn't walk her into her classroom any more :-(.
Her teacher and the director both praised how sweet she was and what a good day she had. Today was number 2...again a great day!
We are getting ready to go celebrate with her friend Emily at their house for some pool time and popsicles..what better way to welcome the new school year?
Here are a few pics from our summer fun! We hit a major milestone over the past month...she's in a Big Girl Bed now!!! Check out the rest of our crazy summer fun!

Summer fun at White Water!
She and Emily had a blast going down the water slides...Amanda and I did too!
 Granddaddy's Birthday lunch
 She's sleeping in a Big Girl Bed now!
 Oh ya know..just another day playing dress-up! These girls melt our hearts!
 Fun at the Splash Pad with Emily and Amanda
 Emily gave this day on the lake a thumbs up!
 A lego design that would make daddy proud!
 Learning about fire safety at the Fire Station
 Many thanks to the Suwanee Station #13 for their time teaching our little ones!
 It's moments like these that make all the hard times worth it!
 Yes...Olivia is in her PJ's's summer.. who would want to get dressed if you don't have to?
 Pirates and Princess night at Chic-fil-A.. We really need to get these two together more often!
 A day of fun with Abbie and Ms. Tiffany at Everland Play...great place for the kiddos!
 Just Floatin'
 More dress up fun! Such sweet little friends!
 My Heart!
 It's UGA Game Day Ya'll
 First day of Pre-school. Ms. Brenda's class 2/3's
There she goes...cue the crying music here!

Thanks to all our friends and family for following our crazy lives! We love you all!

Friday, July 5, 2013

July 4th 2013

This was on the wettest 4th of July's I can remember! What a bummer! So...
what to do with a 2 year old when daddy's off for 4 days?? Head 
to the mountains for some good ol' family fun that's what!
Of course we stopped to feed our bear friends first.

 This guy had his eyes locked on Olivia!
 We headed into Pigeon Forge TN for some arcade fun and a ride on the big sky WHEEL!

 And finished our road trip off with some historic sight-seeing in Chattanooga TN!
 Propping her foot up just like her daddy! So Stinkin' cute!
 Telling us all about Point Park at Lookout Mtn.

I love nothing more than creating memories for our family! This quick little two day trip was so much fun 
and just reinforced how lucky I am to have such wonderful people love me everyday! 
Love you Max and Olivia!

Pensacola Beach Vacation

This year we went back to Pensacola Beach for our family vacation. We made it into a little road trip and stopped over in Mobile and Biloxi for some sight-seeing first. It was once again a great trip!

 The U.S.S. Alabama-huge battleship!
On the hunt for seashells...
 Fun in the ocean with daddy
 Look Mommy! I found a Sand Dollar!
 Everyday they had a mermaid at our hotel that did the girls make-up and 
she would sell some trinkets...Olivia was stunned to find her first Dingle-hopper!!!
We had to make our own when we got home.
 Getting her make-up done by Mermaid Carmelina.

 Oh ya know...just hanging out in a MIG!

 Inside a Chinook.,..pretty cool!
Olivia modeling the Sky Crane helicopter her "famous" Poppa flew in Vietnam. 
Pretty neat moment...

Wednesday, June 5, 2013

The Painted Penguin

Olivia and I went to a place at the Mall of GA today to paint some pottery for Max for Father's Day. Why did I not stick with light colors? Why did I actually think I could teach her how to use certain colors the "right" way? Because, I hadn't had my coffee and I was living in fantasy land that's why! So... I'm sure he's going to LOVE the way his gift turned out..more like a rock painted black! HA! But it was fun despite my need for everything to be perfect :-)

We had lunch with some friends and did a little browsing to! No trip to the mall is complete without a ride on the is Olivia with her sweet friend Abbie.

Friday, May 31, 2013

Strawberry Pick'n and the farm...

My Mom's Club took a trip to Warbington Farms today. We had fun until the meltdowns and overheating started!!! But here are a few pics from before the craziness!

Olivia and I on the wagon ride out to feed the cows. 
 I must say...this was the best part of the day!

 Ms. Amanda and Emily joined us and the girls loved seeing the cows!

 What farm visit would be complete without a little bouncy house fun?!?!?

 Story you think the girls listened to it??
 Emily would have but Olivia pulled her away to plot their escape!
 On the run!
 Feeding the goats...see the red face and sweat? Breakdown coming...

After getting into a little trouble...calm enough for a little picnic with her friend.
All in all it was fun...nap time here we come!